QR codes are not dead! QR codes are used for everything from placing orders, to quickly accessing more information, boarding planes, and so much more. Popular social media platform SnapChat is based entirely on the use of QR codes. Your Facebook Messenger “scan” link is a QR code. Smart phone providers understand the value of QR codes so much so that they've integrated QR code reading technology into the newest smartphones cameras. That’s right, no more need for third party app just to scan and read QR codes. Just open your camera on your mobile device and hover it over a QR code (don’t take a picture!). The link associated with the QR code will pop up for you to open. 

QR codes are truly everywhere, and smart marketers are finding new and unique ways to make them work harder for them.

Every digital business card in the Elify system has its own unique QR code. Every campaign you create has its own unique QR code. You can use a QR code to track specific print campaigns or applications. 

While not as popular in the American markets, QR codes are gaining popularity and use. Here at Elify, we recommend including a complementary QR code on every piece of print collateral you use in your business. You can take a screen shot of the screen with your QR code, crop and paste into place on your print materials. We even have a few users who save an image of their digital business card QR code as their phones lock screen. That way when they’re networking 

Our preferred way to add a QR code to print collateral:

  1. Tap the card you wish to generate a QR code for.
  2. Tap Campaigns
  3. Tap (+) Create Campaign
  4. Follow the prompts to create your required campaign. Include lead capture if desired.
  5. Select Save
  6. Take a screen shot of the QR code on your screen. (To learn how to do this on iOS devices, click here. To learn how to do this on Android devices, click here.) Alternative click “Save QR Code”
  7. Paste the QR code on your image or collateral. 
  8. Distribute and track results!

Here are some examples of the ways we’ve used our digital business card QR code:

  • When presenting to a large group, instead of slides being displayed on a screen, we display a QR code so attendees can access our bio and contact info right from the stage.
  • When attending a tradeshow or event, we put a QR code sticker on our badges so new relationships can scan our QR code without even having to pull our out phones. We include a Lead Capture on the card linked to this QR code and ask the viewer to quickly fill that out while we’re standing there chatting with them so we also have their contact info! Now their contact info is stored in your Elify contact list and you can reach out easily that evening with a “Thanks for connecting” text and a reminder about your contact info.
  • All our tradeshow and event collateral includes a QR code: banners, flyers, posters. We’ve even printed QR codes directly on a table cloth!
  • Put a QR code on your paper business card.
  • Do you ship? Include items in your packages? Print your QR code on those printed items, or use a sticker with your QR code to nicely complete any packaging.

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