Intros are a way for you to store a few of your most commonly used texts or phrases for quick access during the share process. You can create up to 10 intros to be used across all your cards. When you choose to use an Intro when sharing your card, you’ll have the ability to edit and customize to your recipient before sending.

In addition to being helpful starting points, if you use an Intro in conjunction with our Smart Text features, you can automatically include a recipients name or a link to your card.

To create and manage your intros:

  1. Tap a card (doesn’t matter which one)
  2. Scroll down and tap Intros
  3. Click the (+) to create a new intro OR tap an intro to modify an existing one.

To add Smart Text to your Intros, type in [NAME] or [LINK] to populate your recipients first name or automatically drop the link to your card within the Intro. You must use the brackets and you must use all Caps. The name and link will populate within the intro where you put those Smart Text keys.