Dear Elify Users,

Last Thursday, Google casually announced that as of Dec. 6, 2018 they would no longer be supporting Google Nearby. As our Wave users know, Google Nearby plays a vital role in the ability for Wave messages to reach Android devices. Google’s announcement has rocked the proximity marketing world, and has left many companies scrambling. We at Elify, however, are comfortable with this change and consider it a tremendous positive.

Google Changed. Why?

Google stated that when they first introduced Google Nearby, their intent was to help consumers find new and interesting activities, events, and promotions near them. The intent was pure, and exciting. They wanted to facilitate meaningful and helpful engagements between consumers and businesses, based on your location. You can read more about Google’s position and reasoning here.

A Shift In the Marketplace

Google’s change only highlights what we know to be true: consumers are demanding personalized and valuable relationships with the brands and businesses they support. Earlier this year, we saw Facebook announce a mass adjustment to it’s marketing and advertising strategies to encourage one-to-one personal relationships. Google is now another big brand making adjustments based on consumers needs and wants. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) going into effect in the EU demonstrates consumers desire for transparency from brands and businesses. All of these are examples of how the marketplace is shifting towards personalized consumer interactions with a brand or business.

Elify’s Promise

What we could do is send you down a rabbit hole of trying to become mass advertisers. But, as a small business owner, this isn’t the best use of your time or resources. Plus, competing with big brands with millions of dollars in advertising and marketing budgets isn’t realistic, unless you have the same budget.

What we will do is support you in giving your customers what they want: a personalized relationship that makes them feel like they’re your one and only. Elify was built on the promise of supporting small business owners in building the business of their dreams. Our technology has always supported one-to-one relationship building, and we know that strong customer relationships is what will allow you to build a sustainable business, even at scale.

What does this change mean for Elify users?

Wave will no longer be able to broadcast messages to individuals unless they have Bluetooth enabled and one of the three Elify apps downloaded on their device. In simple terms: Wave will not be able to reach non-Elify users. This means Wave becomes an important tool in your loyalty building toolbox. We firmly believe every business owner should have at least 1 Wave beacon. We’re turning our beliefs into actions.

We have decided to change the way the Wave subscription model works. The last normal billing date for Wave beacons will be November 6, 2018. After that, there will be no ongoing monthly Wave subscription fee. Starting November 6, 2018, anyone who purchases a Wave beacon will pay a flat one-time $15 fee per beacon ($30 for international customers). This covers the shipping and handling of the device. Wave subscribers will still utilize the Wave app to configure and manage their beacons as they always have. There is no longer an activation fee or ongoing monthly subscription cost. Simply pay a one time fee to cover the shipping and handling of the device.

Over the coming weeks we will provide training and education on how to utilize Wave in building a loyal customer base. We also have some amazing new features rolling out on our Shuffle platform to continue to support you in providing personalized customer engagements. New ways for Lead Generation, encouraging team collaboration, and creating customer communication without needing to give out your personal phone or email address, are just a few hints of what’s to come. We encourage you to stay connected to Elify by using your app daily and joining our Facebook group: Elify Insiders.

We look forward to continuing to support you in building the business of your dreams.

Dream Big,
Emily Drost
President of Elify


The opportunity is Endless. Add value to your marketing efforts with Wave:

  1. Realtors: bring your Wave with you to an open house. Encourage attendees to download the FREE 1QR app to download the PDF of the homes flyer. Tie it to your Shuffle business card which also highlights other homes you are offering in the area. OR encourages buyers to consider you as their realtor.

  2. Networkers: Make sharing your business card even easier during networking meetings and events. Pop your Wave in your pocket and show your entire group how easy it is to download the FREE 1QR app, make their FREE digital business card, and get yours right from the beacon. Take it a step further and show them how they can be informed anytime their digital business card is viewed or reshared when they subscribe to Shuffle.

  3. Network Marketers/Direct Sellers: Home parties, event booths, trade shows, fairs, bazaars, etc. The potential is limitless! Place a 1QR sticker on your booth for attendees to download the FREE 1QR app, scan for your beacon message, and get an amazing discount or promotional item right there at the booth. No need to pay for advertising in the event brochure. Do it yourself!

  4. Brick and Mortar Stores/Salons: Put a 1QR Sticker on your door. Don’t pay for costly loyalty management programs. Simply have customers download the 1QR app and scan every time they visit your store. They’ll be greeted with a special message from you the minute they walk through the door...without you needing to be there!


Bonus! When users download 1QR and save your 1QR card to their QRDex, they’ll be notified every time you update your card. Facilitate an ongoing conversation with your customers. They’ll spend more time with you, and less time with your competition.