We strongly believe in the 1 to 1 relationship. Google has announced that they are turning off mass notifications with Nearby: Discontinuing support for Android Nearby Notifications

We are comfortable and confident with this change. Our solutions have a way to receive your Beacon notifications through our apps. Google's announcement helps us focus on the one to one relationship by having your market download any of our three Elify solutions apps; 1QR, Shuffle and Wave to access your message. Make the right message for the right audience and create that strong relationship. This is a capability for ALL devices. 

Here are some common questions that we have been hearing:

What do I need to do with my existing Wave subscription?

Nothing. Ongoing monthly billing will automatically stop on November 6th. You may continue to use your beacons as you always have.

What do I need to do with my existing Wave beacons?

Use them! You can continue to manage your beacons through the Wave app, or one of the Wave sister apps - Shuffle and 1QR.

What if I have more than 1 beacon already?

Great! Use them all. Since there is no ongoing subscription cost, all of your beacons can continue to be used as you always have, free to you forever. 

Will I be charged for my existing Wave subscription?

If you are scheduled to be billed again before November 6, you will have one more billing cycle. If your next scheduled bill date for your Beacons is after November 6, you will NOT be charged again.

What if I sign up for Wave on November 1-5th, 2018?

If you sign up for Wave between November 1st and November 5th, you will be charged a Wave activation fee, and the first and last months subscription fee per beacon. We recommend you wait until November 6 to purchase your beacon.

What will I pay if I sign up for Wave on November 6th?

If you sign up for Wave on or after November 6th, you will pay a one time $15 fee per beacon your order.

Can I order more than one beacon after November 6th?

Yes. You will be charged a one time $15 per beacon.

Will Wave qualify for the Affiliate program?

Beginning November 6th, coins will no longer be issued for Wave subscriptions. 

Can I be a Wave only user and earn coins as an affiliate?

Beginning November 6th, Wave will no longer be considered a premium Elify subscription. To be an affiliate earning coins, you will need to have a Shuffle subscription.

Is your question not here? Please open a ticket and our Support staff would love to assist you.