You must be an ACTIVE subscriber of Shuffle to be eligible for Affiliate status. You officially become an Affiliate once you have activated your "Become an Affiliate" option in your account. 

You may activate your affiliate status at by going to:

Profile name (on right hand side)> Network > Coin (on left hand side) > Become an Affiliate (above your coin count)

In the App:

More> Network> Coins > Become an Affiliate

A one-time $1.00 Affiliate Enrollment fee applies. After filling out the fields in the "Affiliate Account Setup" screen you will receive 2 emails. One from Elify confirming that the coins have been transferred and another from eWallets/iPayout. The second email from eWallets/iPayout will give you all the next steps on cashing out your coins. 

Keep in mind that eWallets/iPayout is a third party provider and once the coins have been transferred we no longer have access to information due to security measures. If you have any questions on documents, status or payout options you will need to contact eWallets/iPayout directly. 

eWallet Customer Support Page:

eWallet Contact Us Page:

How to submit your documents for eWallet (video):