You must be an ACTIVE subscriber of Shuffle to be eligible for Affiliate status. You officially become an Affiliate once you have activated your "Become an Affiliate" option. 

You may activate your affiliate status by going to Sign in with the same email and password you use for Shuffle. If you don't have a Shuffle account yet you may sign up for Shuffle and become an affiliate at the same time on this page.

You will be prompted through the signup and the e-wallet program we use, i-Payout. We currently charge $1.00US to become an affiliate so you will see an initial negative coin balance. 100 coins = $1.00US


We suggest leaving the coins in your Shuffle account (they can accumulate as you grow your network) as there is no service fee to hold them in Shuffle. Moving and leaving the coins in i-Payout can result in service fees. So when you cash out move from Shuffle > i-Payout > your destination of choice (bank account, check, etc.) all at the same time.  


As soon as you've set up your affiliate account you will start to earn off of the active monthly subscriptions of your referrals. You can start to cash out as soon as you complete the i-Payout instructions and reach a minimum of $25.00US. 


Thank you for sharing Shuffle!

Keep in mind that eWallets/iPayout is a third-party provider and once the coins have been transferred we no longer have access to information due to security measures. If you have any questions on documents, status, or payout options you will need to contact eWallets/iPayout directly. 

eWallet Customer Support Page:

eWallet Contact Us Page:

How to submit your documents for eWallet (video):