There is quite a bit of a difference between the two solutions. 1QR is card based ONLY. You can create, edit, share and hold multiple cards. But, sharing cards is restricted to just having a link and sharing that link in whatever manner you would like. When coming to analytics… There are no analytics tied to 1QR...Meaning you will not know who viewed your card.

Shuffle is our robust Customer Relationship Management solution that allows you to share beautiful and engaging digital business cards with anyone! When purchasing Shuffle, you receive 10 QR cards for free. Your Shuffle Cards include tracking and stats, so you know exactly who is looking at your Card and what they are clicking on. Shuffle also lets you collect contact information so you can take notes on your interactions and schedule follow up reminders… All in one, simple mobile app!

Also, check out our YouTube video on: What is the Difference between 1QR and Shuffle by Elify?